Colonics in the West Village, NYC
Therapist: Florence Nguyen

Woods Gravity Method 
4 stage water filtration system with UV Light
Sessions: 1 hour, $150
Add: Chlorophyll, Coffee, or 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide ($10)
Also now offering CBD Oil ($50)
** I also offer training to new therapists. Contact me.*
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Bio: My mission and purpose here is to serve and help people to restore health and maintain well-being. I believe the pathway to vibrancy and optimal health is through proper care of our digestive tracts. I received my certification in colon hydrotherapy from the Woods Hygienic Institute, studying with master therapist Helen Wood. I have also trained extensively on the art of detoxification with some of the top therapists in NYC, including guru Gil Jacobs. 


Benefits of Colonics:

* Weight loss without exercise

* Improved skin quality

* Removal of toxic buildup

* Strengthen the colon muscles

* Hydration of the whole body

* Relief from symptoms such as constipation, gas, IBS, etc.

* Achieve a higher level of consciousness


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Colon Hydrotherapy

Offices in Greenwich Village and West Village, NYC 10014. By Appointment Only. 

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